Attention Retailers!! User-Generated Content is what the consumer wants – time to integrate it in-store.

The rate of increase in User-Generated Content (UGC) over the past 5 years is phenomenal, the below graph from KPCB shows this increase for photo uploads and that daily in 2014, 1.8 billion photos are uploaded to social networks.

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Consumers trust UGC and are looking to it when making purchasing decisions. e-Commerce sites are innovating fast and looking for ways to give customer reviews across their full suite of products. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to BrightLocal.


So UGC is becoming a massive part of what users do and it is what they look to when making purchasing decisions, however retailers are still to integrate UGC in-store and improve the shopping experience for customers.


In a Tech City article recently Peter Williams, Founder of Jack Wills stated:

“It’s hard to beat an exquisite in-store experience: the sights, the sounds, the smells, the touch, the customer service, all of that.”


As per one of our earlier blog posts we fully agree that the in-store experience will always appeal more to shoppers and can never be fully replaced by e-commerce. However the trends we are seeing on-line with the massive shift towards UGC needs to be addressed and integrated by retailers in-store. Whoever does this first in the retail space will bridge the gap between on-line and in-store and give shoppers a real reason to chose bricks-and-mortar and massively differentiating themselves from their competitors.


Photospire is a London based tech startup passionate about enabling retailers to collect, curate and distribute user-generated photo content of their products in-store and on-line. For more information or to request a demo please contact us

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Smartphone savvy shoppers expect more from the bricks-and-mortar store:

Why e-Commerce platforms have failed to close all retail stores and take over the whole industry is because for shoppers it is not all about price. Shoppers want to see products, feel the quality or try the product on. A Google study on mobile usage in the UK found that 68% of smartphone users use their phones to search product info and 18% had searched product info while in-store.

So how can retailers leverage this increasing trend of smartphone usage in-store and convert more shoppers into purchasers?

The answer is in how retailers integrate smartphones into their in-store experience. The retail in-store experience needs to evolve rapidly and facilitate the use of smartphones in a way that competes with e-Commerce platforms. Delivering useful product content to shoppers in-store through QR codes or iBeacons is a must.

The gap between on-line and in-store needs to be bridged and at Photospire we help retailers to do this – please contact for more information.

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Focus: Street Style

Flick through any fashion magazine or website now and the likelihood is that you will see photographs of fashionista’s walking down the street in stylish and original outfits where once there would have been editorial photographs of models in fashion shoots displaying this seasons trends.

Street style

This subtle change has occurred because consumers now want to see what clothes and accessories look like on real people in real situations. They want to see how that pair of denim cut-off’s they have been eyeing up can be worn, where they can be worn to, what they can be worn with and who they are being worn by. This ultimately helps them decide whether they want to invest.

Street Style has come full circle in recent years. The streets are the grassroots of fashion and show individual style and flair that inspire others, including high end designers who set the trends each season. These trends in turn are distributed through the high street to the majority of consumers.  As described above, consumers want to see inspiring photo’s before they make a purchase and this neatly leads the fashion cycle back to street style.

Do you want street style photos of your products? Contact to find out how we can help.

Content Marketing – The benefits to retailers.

The old school advertising technique of railroading prospective customers to purchase is gone, now it’s all about creating the scenic route and getting them along for the ride.

Content Marketing is creating engaging content to turn prospective customers into loyal repeat purchasers. The content aligns with the products being sold by the brand and helps to educate the consumer and build trust. It is essentially selling in a less direct but more engaging way through interesting, educational content and building loyalty in the process.

The benefits of content marketing:

1. Engage with prospective customers and retain existing customers:

A healthy mix of informative and educational content that is tailored at your target market is what engages existing customers and helps to convert prospective leads.

2. Build brand loyalty in the long-term:

Providing useful content that educates and engages consumers over the long term will increase their trust in the brand and make the product or service their first choice.

3. Increase sales:

Focusing on creating content that engages and informs your customers increases the likelihood of converting and retaining them – Recent CMA research has found that over 50% of content marketing consumers say it has a positive impact upon purchase decisions, with 61% agreeing that it increases brand positivity.

Photospire – Content Marketing for Retailers:

Photospire enables retailers to generate quality User-Generated Content (UGC) and facilitates distribution across multiple channels; on-line, in-store, print media, blogs, SEO and newsletters. This results in your customers engaging positively with your business and actively promoting your brand.

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The Power of User Generated Content

Content marketing is big news at the moment – and with good reason. It is the process of creating and curating relevant, quality content to attract customers, influence consumer perception and strengthen brand loyalty. Content marketing allows brands to educate consumers rather than directly sell to them and with the rise of social media and social SEO, now has never been a better time to maximise this powerful tool.

So, now we know what it is and why we need it, we now need to generate quality, relevant, consistent and informative content. Need help? – look to your customers.

User Generated Content (UGC) comes in many forms, most widely as product reviews, social media posts, photos, videos and forums. UGC allows online users to share their personal opinions and recommendations and connect with like-minded people and brands. Consumers tend to trust this content over information straight from companies and by harnessing this brands can gather relevant content, strengthen consumer relations and effectively grow sales.

Interested in harnessing UGC to benefit your brand? Contact Photospire for a chat about how they can help generate, curate and maximise your user generated content.