Visual Commerce for Fashion Retailers – The Millisecond Millennials and their Hunger for Visual Content


Processing photo content takes milliseconds, the Millennial generation swipe left or right and move on, getting their attention is tough, keeping it is tougher. An opinion is formed quicker than it takes to load a photo and if they don’t like it there is no second chance.

So how can fashion retailers engage a key demographic who according to the Hartman Group account for 27% of the population and $1.3 trillion USD in spending power.

The importance of visual user-generated content (UGC) in this mission is key. A recent Ipsos Research Study finding that UGC is 50% more trustworthy than traditional marketing content. They are the biggest creators and consumers of UGC and their appetite for this authentic content is increasing.

There are 3 key points for fashion retailers when using UGC:

Quality: UGC doesn’t mean the content can be poor quality, curating the content is important.

Product Linked: Maximize UGC engagement by ensuring content is linked to products, curating the content to ensure easy navigation to the product page.

Reward: Incentivize customers to create content and reward them when they do.

Fashion retailers who can encourage their customers to create quality UGC and then leverage it to drive sales have the greatest chance of building a brand that engages and inspires. An on-going UGC strategy to drive visual commerce should be the focus over novelty social media campaigns, ensuring that there is a consistent flow of quality product-linked content in-store and on-line.

Photospire enables retailers to collect, curate and re-use their customers visual content to increase sales, engage with consumers and boost their brand. Contact us today to learn how you can grow your business with visual commerce: