Why Visual Content is So Important to Your Content Marketing

Photos and videos are vital for any good content strategy as they truly engage your audience and create a genuine connection, making them a powerful marketing tool for your brand. Videos in particular are arguably the most personal form of communication between you and your followers after face to face contact.  As such it is crucial that your video production, as well as its content, is engaging, relevant and true to your brand. Axonn Research found 7 out of 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.

Below are some of the key things to think about when sharing visual content:

Brand Identity
– Videos and photos express your brand’s personality and show your audience who you truly are. It is important to portray your brand’s values through the imagery and incorporate any brand information that you wish to share. For example you may work with a charity and wish to include a clip at the end of a video about the work that you do or you may have a strong connection to your local area that could be incorporated into product photos.

photospire_visual_story_playThe Big Share Photos and videos are by far the most shared type of content on the Internet. The likes of Twitter and Instagram have enabled videos to play in users’ feeds instantly and keep visual content in the news feed much longer than text because people are more likely to click on and share photos and videos. Google now show YouTube content in search rankings as well as sites that contain lots of relevant visual content. In addition Google is beginning to use social indicators such as shares and likes to determine value and relevance. These changes will result in visual content having a much bigger impact on SEO.

EngagementVisual content is so successful because it is more instantly engaging than text. In turn, this allows you to build a stronger connection with your audience and encourages them to interact with your brand. Videos and photos allow you to creatively inform your audience on the key messages you wish to get across. The more engaging the content the more likely your audience are to share with their friends, thus creating invaluable PR and advertising.

Stand out from the crowd – Most companies are actively using social media to market themselves. Blogs, tweets and posts have become an integral part of a company’s marketing plan and are continually managed and reviewed. However, creating and sharing high quality visual content takes more time and involves more work and resources. This means that there is less competition in this area at the moment, therefore paving the way for you to stand out from your competitors. Visual content also allows you to use your creativity to drive your brand to the for front of peoples minds.

Photospire enables companies to auto generate visual stories at the press of a button incorporating real time data, user-generated content and brand identity. To learn more please contact us