Why Personalised Video is the Future of Direct Marketing

The demand for video content is at an all time high driven by more powerful devices and faster internet connection. Brands are gathering more and more valuable data about their customers making the ability to personalise marketing communication more achievable than ever. Here are three reasons why personalised video is the key to effectively engaging your customers and strengthening your brand:

3 reasonsDevices– With such a large increase in the accessibility of online content, marketing videos will only get more exposure and create an even larger return on investment. Strategy Analytics expects the amount of devices that can access the internet per person to rise from 1.7 today, to 4.3 by 2020.

Video Engagement– Due to a continuous decline in attention span amongst internet consumers, video has proven to be the most successful way to keep people engaged. Cisco agrees and has predicted that video traffic will make up 80% of total internet user consumption by 2019

Personalisation– Experts are forecasting a 4,300% increase in annual data generation by the year 2020(informatica.com). The future of big data provides endless possibilities for personalisation. This is pivotal because 74% of online consumers state that they are frustrated with websites offering content that has absolutely nothing to do with their interests (Jonrain).

All of this points to the future of internet consumption being dominated by video content with easy access through the multitude of devices consumers will own. More big data will be produced and collected than ever before resulting in personalisation not only being expected, but becoming the norm. If these trends continue as they are predicted to do, personalised video will emerge as the future of direct marketing.

Photospire is a web based platform that enables companies to auto generate video content at the click of a button incorporating real time data, user generated content, brand identity and more.  For information on how we can help your sales and customer engagement please contact us.

Author: Jon Goldenberg – Photospire Marketing Executive

Top 5 Reasons to Utilise Personalised Video Marketing

We live in a world that is constantly evolving based on new possibilities provided by enhanced technologies. The marketing industry is no exception, and has recently shifted towards high levels of personalisation. The industry has also become dominated by video because it has proven to be the most engaging type of content. These recent developments have sparked a new marketing trend combining both personalisation and video content.

Here are 5 reasons your company should utilise personalised video marketing:

  1. Increase Engagement- Consumer engagement is a very valuable measurement to determine if your marketing campaign was a success. According to Forrester, using video as a marketing medium will increase the average click through ratio by 200%-300%. The first step is getting the consumer to open your advertisement; including video is the key.
  1. 5 ReasonsReduce Opt-Outs- Eloqua discovered that including a personalised video in an introductory email reduced the number of consumer opt-outs by 75%. Retaining these customers allows you to build loyal relationships and gain an edge on the competition.
  1. Build Brand Loyalty- Having customers that are loyal to your brand and consistently purchase your products is crucial to having a successful business. KAYAK concluded that personalised video marketing results in a 73% increase in brand loyalty.
  1. Boost Sales- The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to reach current and potential consumers with a message that inspires them to buy your products. Switchvideo.com found that companies who consistently use personalisation in their marketing efforts see an average 19% increase in sales.
  1. Video Content Produces Best ROI- Every investment in marketing is done with the hope that you will produce more sales, and in turn make spending your money worthwhile. 70% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content that produces the highest returns on investment (MarketingProfs).

The benefits of personalised video marketing go far beyond these five points, but they do provide a glimpse into what this revolutionised marketing approach can do for your business. Photospire has perfected the production of this content and enables companies to auto generate visual stories at the press of a button incorporating real time data, user-generated content and brand identity. To learn more please contact us.

Author: Jon Goldenberg – Photospire Marketing Executive