How Brands Can Shine on Instagram

As the fastest growing and most engaging social media network, Instagram offers a huge opportunity for brands to engage and gain visibility to its 300 million users.

InstagramA recent study by Iconosquare found that:

  • 62% follow a brand because they love it
  • 54% follow a brand to discover new things
  • 48% follow a brand because the content is entertaining

So we know that Instagram has great potential for your brand, but what is the best
way of maximising your presence so that you can engage with current fans, become more visible to potential customers and ultimately increase your sales?

What to Post?

It is important not to INSTAGRAM QUOTEsell sell sell, social media is a two way conversation between
you and your followers. They want to see your products and new seasonal lines but they are also interested in the inspiration behind them and the opinions shared by other people as well as the culture of the brand as a whole. Rallyverse have come up with a golden ratio for social marketing. They claim that the ideal content is 30%
owned, 60% curated and 10% promotional.

Your posts should be clear, active and engaging with a call to action which can be anything from ‘tag a friend’ to ‘click on the link’. Similarly competitions have proved to be very successful with followers, in fact according to Iconosquare’s report 41% of users follow brands for offers and 70% have taken part in a competition.

Video v Photo

While an Instagram photo is a quick and easy way to tell the story of your brand, Instagram videos provide another layer of storytelling and interaction with your followers.

Instagram videos can bring to life what behind-the-scenes photos can only glimpse. In 15 seconds, you can show how to style an outfit, perform an exercise move, style your hair, or pack hand luggage for a week’s holiday. The opportunities are endless.

Who is doing it right?

NIKE 2Two of the most popular brands on Instagram are Nike with 20.6 million followers and Victoria’s Secret with 20.8 million followers. Scanning through their posts you will see glossy photos of their products interlaced with videos of athletes working out, models backstage at fashion shows, inspirational quotes,
clips of interviews and events and more. Their
posts show variety and importantly offer their followers tips, discounts, special offers and event invitations. Who wouldn’t want to follow them?

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Increase Sales through the Power of Video

Currently in the UK one in three people view at least one online video a week – that’s a weekly audience of over 20 million and that audience is growing daily. By 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic according to Cisco. In fact, research suggests that consumers are more likely to view video than any other resource online. The message is clear, if you haven’t done already, you need to make video a priority if you want to engage with customers and increase sales.

Video is a great waFacts 3y to get consumers thinking about you, and talking about your product or service. It also encourages prospective consumers to engage with your brand and products as it enables them to get a better understanding of who you are and what you are offering. This increases engagement and brings prospects a step closer to being your customer and encourages your customers to become lifelong customers.

So what does video do that text cant? It creates intimacy with the audience and they connect more easily with what they are watching compared to text that can seem distant and detached. Video also conveys you message more clearly and quickly creating an instant understanding between content and viewer. Most people are visual learners and do not want to read for long on their computer screens be it on a website or in an email. Video allows them to absorb the same information but in a more engaging way.

According to comScore consumers are 64% more likely to buy items after watching a product or brand video. Now is the time to harness this power to increase your sales.

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