The Benefits of Personalised Video for your Brand

It has been proven time and again that audiences prefer video to text, so much so that according to Forrester 80% would watch a video over just 20% reading text. We also know that personalised communications with consumers increases sales and creates loyalty so by marrying the two together you have a very powerful tool that will benefit your brand.

Influence, Captivate and Connect

Video enables bBENEFITS1rands to open a conversation with the audience through the art of story telling. Engaging video can influence, captivate and connect emotionally with consumers as it conveys meaning quicker than text, and the content is more likely to be retained.
By personalising your message you further engage with your audience as it allows you to speak as if you’re face-to-face, but at your glossy best. According to Econsultancy 84% of marketers find that personalisation increases customer engagement and directly impacts retention and loyalty.

Broaden your Reach

BENEFITS3Brands can broaden their reach and exposure across multiple channels. Videos can be uploaded to your website, mobile platform, email, in-store displays and social channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo etc, This marketing through social media allows for immediate client feedback and engagement and will increase SEO, attracting traffic and new customers to your site.

Increase Sales

Ultimately this is perhaps the mBENEFITS2Bost important benefit personalised videos can bring to your brand. By customising your message to individuals, you will see a greater number of customers clicking through for more information. Conversion rates can increase six fold over direct mail. Similarly by sending targeted offers and product showcases you will see an increase in offer redemptions and product interest that will lead to sales. Giving your customers the right information at the right time   increases their confidence in your brand and encourages loyalty.

Photospire enables retailers to create high volumes of personalised, automated, shoppable videos at the press of a button. Contact us today for more information