Six ways to increase sales with personalised emails

Everybody likes to feel special and marketeers know that that personal touch can have huge effects on customer engagement, loyalty and sales. With the high volume of emails people receive on a daily basis, those that are personalised to each recipient really stand out. Research has shown that 80% of customers prefer receiving personalised emails with product recommendations based on previous purchases.

Here are a few tips to make personalised email marketing work for you:

1. Catch the eye and set the tone
Such a simple thing but nothing can seem more personalised to customers than a customer’s own name. It immediately makes them feel that the information they are being sent is relevant to them. It essentially sets the tone to your message in a positive way.

2. Showcase relevant products
Once a customer has bought something from you then it is the perfect opportunity to show them other products that relate to their purchase. You are not hard selling, just making suggestions that you know they will be interested in.

3. Reward with tailored offers
Research shows that personalising your offers increases conversion to sales. From sending out a birthday ‘gift’ to offering a special deal for a category that they have been browsing, personalising your offer will increase their use. Cart abandonment can be reduced and sales increased by sending a personalised offer for products that have been put into a customer’s cart but not purchased after a set time.

4. Ask for customer reviews
Making customers a part of your marketing strategy is a powerful tool. By asking your customer what they thought of a recent purchase you are giving them a sense of importance. You want their opinion so that you can keep improving your service as well as getting to know them better.

5. Remind customers of their purchase history
Providing customers with their purchase history makes them feel that their purchases are being cared for and their custom appreciated. Having their history easily accessible will also remind them that they already have a relationship with your brand which all adds to their sense of loyalty.

6. Targeted invitations and previews
The more special a customer feels, the brighter the chances of a sale. Send them previews of new collections, invite them to store openings in their locality, keep them up to date on new products they may be interested in and share with them your news.

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