New Places and Faces

Photospire HQ

Well… it’s been three weeks since we moved Photospire HQ from Victoria to Borough and it’s fair to say that we are loving our new surroundings. Everything from delicious street food, vibrant culture, wonderful theatre and, well… more delicious street food is at our fingertips. Our neighbours include creative agencies, innovative start ups and some exciting brands and it’s an inspiring part of town to be based.

Having spent two very happy years at True benefiting from their immense support and encouragement our growing team needed a new, larger space to accommodate everybody and spread our wings. We will be expanding on an even greater scale in the coming months and feel we are in the right place to do this. Our offices are based in a warehouse conversion on a quiet cobbled street and the relaxed atmosphere is conducive to great working environment.

Let us introduce our newest team members who have joined in the last few weeks:

Corina – Our savvy new Junior full-stack developer is a recent graduate from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. She has worked with Java, Python and C on web applications for years outside of her University environment. She is currently working on perfecting her craft in AI to add to her list of accomplishments.

Amitabh – Joined us from Emerson Process Management  as an experienced and highly skilled, senior full-stack developer. He has 11 years experience developing end-to-end desktop software and web applications with Python, C++ & Django. Amitabh also holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

Sam – Sam has joined our optimisation team, adding considerable expertise in Machine Learning. Sam has studied all around the world from Shanghai Normal University to The University of Florence as well as gaining a degree in MPhil Economics from the University of Cambridge.

With Corina’s drive, Sam’s expertise and Amitabh’s decade long experience in back-end development, our most recent members add a host of capabilities to our development team already composed of multiple PhDs and former McLaren F1 engineers.

In addition, Amran, the newest member and also the baby of the team is our brand new Apprentice. As Facebook Marketing partners, we believe in developing the next generation of Facebook Marketing experts. Using Facebook Blueprint Amran is continually enhancing his expertise to support the team.

So that’s the news from us at the moment but stay tuned for more developments in the coming weeks.

Photospire is always looking for bright people to get on board. If you are interested in joining the team in Borough, we have a host of open opportunities which you can see here  

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Scaling Creative – a discussion with Joe Morley from Facebook

Photospire Facebook Panel

Photospire were in Germany this week for dmexco and we were delighted for our co-founder and COO Dave O’Meara to join Joe Morley (Director, Facebook & Instagram Partnerships, EMEA) and two other Facebook Marketing Partners (Vidsy and Genero) on stage to discuss creative at scale.

In front of an auditorium of 200 people the panel shared a number of key insights related to creative at scale.

What is the biggest challenge for marketers in a mobile first video environment?

  • Attention has shifted to the small screen but the attention span has shrunk.
  • Mobile is changing customer expectations; they are consuming more video content than ever before but still expect it to be fresh and relevant like the content in their newsfeed.
  • The main challenge that results from this is how to create relevant ad content to meet the massive demand.

How do you define the term ‘scaled creative’?

  • The ability to create the right story for the right audience at the right time.
  • Storytelling is changing, Facebook and the power of their audience data is making the scale part possible.
  • Scaled creative is about not sacrificing the quality because of the quantity.

Do you feel there’s a conflict between technology and creativity?

  • Technology doesn’t replace creativity, it enhances creativity and provides new mediums of expression. Some examples of this in other fields are the evolution of cinema and TV, the electric guitar and photography as an art form.
  • As great creative people see how tech can enable them to tell better stories they will seize the opportunity – and we are seeing this already.
  • The most engaging content of the future will be created through collaboration between creatives, data and technology.

What’s the one thing you’d like the audience to take away today?

  • They key message is that technology is an enabler – it should not be seen as an obstacle to creativity but as something that can enhance it.

Unbound – The Power of Live Video

Last week we were at Unbound Festival – a technology festival where “brands, corporate executives and investors come together to meet with Europe’s most disruptive start-ups to forge partnerships and explore new opportunities”.

Photospire was selected to be part of Unbound 50 – one of 50 high potential startups exhibiting across the two days.

The biggest theme across the talks at Unbound was live video – many of the headline business leaders spoke about the major investment social platforms have been making in enabling and empowering live video and how live video is going to affect their brand.

unnamedAs Facebook Marketing Partners, we’ve been very aware of the bets Facebook has been making on live video and we’ve also put a lot of our own resources into ensuring the Photospire platform can effectively deliver in-the-moment video ads.

Using Photospire, it’s now possible to serve in-the-moment video ads on all the major social platforms. These in-the-moment video ads automatically update depending on dynamic factors such as weather, sports results or news updates. Just like live-streamed content, in-the-moment video ads offer unparalleled opportunities to make content increasingly relevant and engaging.

And it works – the results from our campaigns with large brands have proved the incredible effectiveness of in-the-moment video; especially when combined with audience-relevant factors such as location to run campaigns which, for example, drive footfall to different locations depending on weather changes or sports results.

It’s great to see so many industry leaders putting so much energy into live content and we will continue to focus on helping brands seize these new opportunities.

If you’re a brand or an agency who’d like to partner with us or if you’d just like to talk about Facebook Live, Unbound or the in-the-moment advertising, drop me an email