Subject Lines – 5 things you need to know

Much time and money is spent on crafting the perfect email with every bit of content laboured over. However, the subject line is often an after thought and with 35% of email recipients deciding whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone it can be a very expensive mistake to undervalue this aspect of your campaign.

Here are 5 things to bear in mind when deciding what to put in your subject line.

Memail-subject-linesake it personal
Emails that include personal touches such as the first name in their subject line have a higher click through rate than emails that don’t according to the Science of Email Marketing. Including the name and other personal touches such as location, buying preferences or product history engages your customer and makes them instantly see that the email is likely to be relevant to them.

Make it punchy

Its important to keep the subject line short and sweet using wording that inspires the recipient to click. Using the same principles as you would to your calls-to-action will help engage with your customer from the offset. Your email needs to stand out from the overcrowded inboxes of today so a punchy intro is a must.

Pose a question
Instantly engage people by asking a question, but make sure that the question is relevant and ties in to the message of your email. For example brands sending out post purchase communications can include items bought such as ‘Are you enjoying your new Nike Airs’ or following up from an event the subject line could read ‘Did you enjoy the book launch yesterday’. This instantly creates a connection and encourages a response.

blogimg_specialcharacterMake it special
Making your customer feel special gives them a sense of belonging that can build loyalty and compel them to pay attention to your emails. All it takes is the right wording to make them feel loved and important to you. Examples such as ‘An exclusive invite just for you’ or ‘Here is a treat to lift your Friday’ go a long way to enticing them to click.

Change it up
What works for one campaign doesn’t necessary work for another and its important to keep your communications fresh and on point. Its all about what works best for your specific audience therefore its good to A/B test your subject line and tweak the wording in line with your results.

The main priority is to make your emails stand out and encourage your customers to click through to the great content you want to share with them. The subject line is key to this and worth spending time getting right.