Photospire selected to join Innovation For Growth project

Photospire are delighted to be selected for the Innovating for Growth Programme run by the British Library Business and IP Centre.

After an intense competitive process Photospire has been chosen to join the highly successful support programme for London-based businesses to help them grow to their full potential. The programme provides expert advice, support and resources on business strategy, growth and sustainability. The key areas they offer guidance on are as follows:

  • Develop growth strategy
  • Enter new markets
  • Protect your intellectual property
  • Develop new products and services
  • Strengthen your brand

Photospire is a London based software company focused on the design and development of user generated content, ecommerce and content marketing applications. Photospire brings together a team of experienced marketing and technology professionals dedicated to helping businesses transform the way they engage with their customers through user generated sales.

Photospire look forward to growing their business strategy with the help of this great programme.

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Selfie: The Self-Portrait of the Digital Age

Although a modern phenomenon, the selfie has actually been around since the 15th century. Artists began depicting themselves in paintings as early as 1433. Often due to a lack of models, the self-portrait, like the modern day selfie, is a form of self-expression and allows the subject to portray an image of how they would like to be seen by others.

Dr Mariann Hardey, a lecturer in marketing at Durham University who specialises in digital social networks states: “The selfie is revolutionising how we gather autobiographical information about ourselves and our friends. It’s about continuously rewriting yourself.” (The Guardian, July 2013).

Fast forward six centuries and the craze of the selfie has become a phenomenon. Today’s selfie usually consists of four basic steps – pose (this could take some practice to get it just right), snap (using your front facing camera phone of course), filter (fade, sharpen, contrast, tint, basically beautify) and upload (via instagram, twitter, facebook etc) . It’s as easy as that and over 1 million are taken every day.

So where next for the selfie? Aki Hoshide has already taken one in space, Pope Benedict XVI is a pro and the famous Oscar selfie featuring Brad Pitt, Angelina Joli and Jennifer Lawrence amongst others was viewed 3.3 billion times. With ‘lifelike animated holographic selfies’, ‘pedagogical’ and ‘short-story’ selfies being developed, the future looks bright for selfie expression.


Success for Photospire @ Hack the Rack 2014 – London, UK [23rd May 2014]


The Photospire team were voted one of the winners of the inaugural retail hackathon, Hack the Rack in May. Datawatch were so impressed with Photospire’s solution that they were then invited to present on a webinar that was broadcast to retailers across the globe.

The Hackathon was created by Pivotal Innovations based at the Level 39 Technology Accelerator in Canary Wharf and sponsored by Datawatch. The two day Hackathon saw 8 teams work on solutions for two issues facing retailers: “know your customer” and “logistic efficiencies

With access to millions of lines of grocery data from a leading grocer, Team Photospire created a solution centered around ‘getting to know more about your customer’. Using the data visualisation tools supplied by Datawatch they created a localised in-store recipe campaign that allows shoppers to create and upload personal images of recommended recipes.

The Hack the Rack event has also lead to talks with a leading grocery chain to discuss implementing the solution across their stores.